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Consumer and Community Participation

Sydney Local Health District strives to achieve our vision: to achieve excellence in healthcare for all. We provide healthcare services to a very wide range of consumers and community groups.

We know that providing leading healthcare services to our community is not only about the services we provide today but also about high quality education and training of our staff and conducting research to ensure the health and wellbeing of our community for generations to come.

We also know that we need to involve consumers and community groups in all of our decisions and day to day business to make sure we build services which are suitable for all members of our diverse community.

We work in partnership with our consumers and community groups to deliver the best healthcare services to our patients and their families. We do this by involving consumers and community groups in:

  • Being active partners in making decisions about their own healthcare
  • Encouraging consumers to provide feedback about their experience with our services and making changes based on that feedback
  • Involving consumers and community groups in our advisory groups, committees, project teams and councils across the organisation
  • Asking consumers and community groups to provide expert feedback and input in to service planning, design, delivery and evaluation
  • Working with our community to improve health literacy and health promotion.

Consumer means anyone who uses or will use our healthcare services. This may include patients, clients, families, carers or residents within the local area. Consumers may be a patient receiving treatment in one of our hospitals, a client who receives support at home or a carer who cares for another person in our community. It may also include someone who lives in the local area who has not used our services, but may in the future.

Community means both the individuals and the groups of people who make up our community. Each community is made up of smaller groups of people who share interests, culture, beliefs and languages. Those groups may have special healthcare needs, such as people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds or youth.

We want every consumer and community member to be as involved as they would like to be with Sydney Local Health District. If you would like to be involved in our organisation, please get in contact with us. Our website is under development, so check back soon for more information or contact:

Jessica Crause
Manager, Consumer and Community Participation
Sydney Local Health District
Ph: 9515 9622
Address: PO Box M30, Missenden Road NSW 2050
(Hearing impaired people may like to phone these numbers through the National Relay Service on 1300 850 115)
Facility Consumer and Community Participation Coordinators

Canterbury Network

Kerry Parsons

9787 0974

Concord Network

Peta Macfarlane (Acting)

9767 6038 / 9767 919

RPA/Balmain Network

9515 9231

The Consumer and Community Participation Framework is available here.